Hello, my name is Matt Bryson, Designer-Photographer-Maker. I design to communicate. Communicating with an audience is the ultimate goal anyway right? If I have the choice my projects are usually about something including humor or an attempt at something clever. Like that one guy said, “Make ‘em laugh make ‘em laugh make ‘em la a augh!” (see above photo) Don’t misunderstand please, I am most capable of working within a design guide, but my goal is to always be working on or toward any idea. I do believe that there is such a thing as a bad idea, but a bad idea can lead to a great idea! It’s all about the process and working it out man. Ideas are always the goal, and an easily attained goal at that. Execution & interaction are at the core of my work, both in process and product. I look forward to making always, and I hope to make something with you soon!